Location / directions

Gîtes de La Martinière

2 La Martinière


St.Aubin Fosse Louvain





French landline +33 (0)243 033062

French Mobile +33 (0)780 333738

UK Mobile +44 (0)7703 542804

How to Find La Martinière Gîtes

We highly recommend that guests have a car or motorbike to visit the area when staying at our gitês. Listed are approx. driving times to La Martinière from a variety of locations. These are the quickest routes (Taken from Google Maps) and on some routes toll fees are required when using the Autoroute. 

There is no local Public transport other than taxis to have access to our location.


By air

Our local airports are: (Car hire available) 

Dinard/St.Malo - 1 hour 30mins (no tolls) 

Rennes - 1 hour 40mins (no tolls) 

Nantes - 2 hours 20mins ( no tolls) 


By train
Paris to Laval (TGV) Train times range from 1hr 30/2hrs 20. Laval 40mins drive to La Martinière.



Caen/Ouistreham - 2 hours (no tolls)

Cherbourg - 2 hours 50 mins (no tolls)

Dieppe - 3 hours 5 mins (tolls)

St. Malo - 1 hour 30 mins (no tolls)

Calais - 4 hours 30 mins (tolls)

Channel Tunnel - 4 hours 20 mins (tolls)


Driving distances

Bordeaux 475km

Caen 110km

Calais 450km

Cherbourg 170km

Dieppe 270km

Le Mans 102km

Nantes 170km

Orleans 250km

Paris 265km

Rouen 205km

St. Malo 105km

Tours 190km




To find La Martiniére please set your Sat Nav with the following -


Town: Saint Aubin Fosse Louvain

Street: Le Buron


Le Buron is a small hamlet with only one possible turn, the junction is between a house and farm buildings. As you get close, please look out for our small white La Martiniére logo direction signs placed on sign posts, telegraph poles etc.  The road from Le Buron is a single track tarmac road for 1.5km, follow this and you will arrive at our location.

If you enter our address in your Sat Nav it may direct you a slightly different route via a farm track for the final part of your journey.

If so don't be concerned as the track is drive able slowly. At the end of the farm track turn left and La Martiniére is 300m ahead of you.


We ask that once you have set your Sat Nav you text us your estimated arrival time, so we can plan our day and be here to welcome you.

Text to: +(33) 7803 33738


Any problems, please telephone us on our landline +(33) 0243 033062





We post this here, as from our experience "some rules of the road" are something which British drivers in France, could so easily be caught out by.



In many towns and villages the French system of PRIORITY RIGHT still exists. You can be driving on the main route through a town or village and even sometimes on main roads and unexpectedly and without even looking, a vehicle can pull out from the right as they have the right of way. It is highly dangerous, but it is road law here. You are expected to drive slowly in these areas in anticipation of a vehicle emerging from the right and you are expected to stop to allow them entry on to the route.


PLEASE VIEW PICTURES BELOW, TO SEE ROAD SIGNS GIVING PRIORITY RIGHT. Also in many places a road sign ( yellow and red ) below or near the village sign, informs you that Priorité à Droite is in operation.



France has become very strict on speeding - Speed signs will be visible then disappear leaving you to guess the speed limit. Basically unless a sign informs you of the limit then it is the National speed limit of 80 kmh. In towns and villages the speed limit is 50kph unless signs showing 30kph Zone near schools.

Speed cameras and mobile cameras are common. Speed cameras are NOT yellow as in the UK, but grey and blend into backgrounds. Generally if you see a sign - Speed Radars ahead, keep to the speed limit as a camera will be hidden somewhere.

We believe speeding fines can be passed to the UK to enforce payment, though you do not receive points on your licence. If stopped for speeding by a mobile check the Gendarme may well expect payment of the fine on the spot in cash and if you do not have the cash will take you to an ATM.